redo-targets - print the list of all known redo targets




redo-targets prints a list of all redo target files that still exist.

Files that no longer exist might not be targets anymore; you'll have to redo them for them to end up back in this list. (For example, if you built a file and then removed the file and its .do file, you wouldn't want it to show up in this list.)

If a .do script does not produce an output file (eg.,, it also does not show up in this list.

The output of redo-targets might be useful in a semi-automated target; you could delete all the known targets, thus forcing them to be rebuilt next time.

Each filename is on a separate line. The filenames are not guaranteed to be in any particular order.

All filenames are printed relative the current directory. The list is not filtered in any way; it contains all the target filenames from the entire project. Remember that the redo database may span more than just your project, so you might need to filter the list before using it. (A useful heuristic might be to remove any line starting with '../' since it often refers to a target you don't care about.)

If you want a list of only out-of-date targets, use redo-ood(1). If you want a list of sources (dependencies that aren't targets), use redo-sources(1).


Part of the redo(1) suite.


The original concept for redo was created by D. J. Bernstein and documented on his web site ( This independent implementation was created by Avery Pennarun and you can find its source code at


redo(1), redo-ood(1), redo-sources(1)