Currently, this version of redo requires python2.7 and the python2.7 sqlite3 module. Optional, but recommended, is the setproctitle module, which makes your ps output prettier.

In modern versions of Debian, sqlite3 is already part of the python2.7 package. You can install the prerequisites like this:

    sudo apt-get install python2.7 python-setproctitle

(If you have install instructions for other OSes, please add them here :))

Clone, compile, and test redo

You can run redo without installing it, like this:

    git clone
    cd redo
    ./do -j10 test

If the tests pass, you can either add $PWD/redo/bin to your PATH, or install redo on your system. To install for all users, put it in /usr/local:

    DESTDIR= PREFIX=/usr/local sudo -E ./do install

Or to install it just for yourself (without needing root access), put it in your home directory:

    DESTDIR= PREFIX=$HOME ./do install

Pre-compiled packages


redo is available from the Homebrew project:

brew install redo


Various linux distributions include redo under different names. Most of the packages are unfortunately obsolete and don't contain the most recent bug fixes. At this time (late 2018), we recommend using the latest tagged version from github.